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Become a company competing with local telecoms by offering enhanced 3rd generation services (Centrex, IP PBX, follow-me, mobility, etc.)

Just concentrate on sales, all needed infrastructure you will have from IZI VOX, including wholesale quality roots.

By using IZI VOX platform you could:

  • have own product / tariff
  • take in care customers / sip accounts
  • create / modify / del customers / accounts ( they will be your customers)
  • create invoices
  • choose prepaid / postpaid way of payments with your customers
  • have full of telco services in your portfolio: call forwarding , VM, fax to email, IVR, WQ, etc
  • provide your business customers a comprehensive Virtual Office solution with a full set of class 5 deployment:
    • Call Transfer
    • Hunt Groups
    • Call Diverting
    • Follow me
    • Call Waiting
    • Call Forwarding
    • Group Call Pickup
    • Conference Call
    • Auto Attendant/IVR
    • Call Recording
    • API
    • Voice Mail

As a benefit we could provide you with local DID from our own and partner own numbering ranges . Also DID of other areas/countries available by request.

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