About us

We are a human technology lab calling ourselves IZI VOX. We experiment and create new digital communications products for humans. When we do not work, we learn from others. For example, Sir Richard Branson, one of our tutors, hit on the idea of putting a rubber duck in the bathrooms of Virgin-owned business hotels. What for? Just as a small gesture to help a harried businessman feel more at home.

We want to make you feel with our technologies at home too. We put ourselves in your shoes to see what could make you, our customer (or our business partner), feel better. It may be a yellow rubber ducky or, alternatively, our izi. and free. Both are made by humans for humans, technology does not matter.


IZI VOX is a trademark of IXO Systems Oy, a digital global multimedia company with headquarters in Porvoo, Finland. It was formed in 2005. A team of international telecom experts acquired the company in 2009 and its subsidiaries started providing digital telephony and multimedia services worldwide.

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